My Story – Life is Better in Flop Flips !

Life is better in Flop Flips

Thank you for popping in to see me – I bet you are wondering what on earth does he mean FLOP FLIPS ! …… Well, If i may I’d like to share a few lines about myself and why Flop Flips works for me!

My Name is Neil Shepherd & I’ve been known as ‘Shep’ for most of my life by friends …. Just like my old man was !
I’d like to be your friend & offer you encouragement & inspiration to develop a future you have always dreamed of !

I was born in Barnsley, South Yorkshire and at this moment I live in Bridgend, South Wales in the UK. My background was in the Scaffolding & Construction industry, until I suffered a near fatal accident in May 2008, where I shattered both my heels, left arm & wrist, plus breaking my back in two places and having a crushed disc in my lower spine. I was told it was likely I would never work again and there was a chance that I may never walk again…..and at the very best, I would need walking aids for the rest of my life !


But with a positive attitude, grit & determination …… PLUS believing you should never give up just because someone else says so, I have given myself the opportunity to have a whole new lifestyle that offers motivation, inspiration and determination to believe in myself.

Always be yourself, because an original is worth more than a fake

You can see i do like changing a few words around !!! – This is just my way of adding a little fun to life ! – After my accident I decided I wasn’t going to put my life on the line again, I wasn’t able to go back to what I did for a living anyway, so I had to learn new skills alongside having to learn to walk again ………….. Powerful Right !

Over the years I have failed (quite a lot) but I’ve also won …. I have gained some amazing knowledge and new skills to (fingers crossed) inspire and motivate others to enjoy life while developing that lifestyle they want – not what others think they want ! ….. After all – it is your life to live !

Alongside having Fun it’s also important to remember we all need to build income, sometimes enjoying life doesn’t reward you financially at first. That’s why I would like to share with you some Opportunities to develop your personal lifestyle …… I love Social Media & Networking (I like talking and developing friendships) so I am going to share with you right now a Free 10 day Bootcamp to help you develop a marketing strategy without having to approach friends and strangers randomly in the street to work with you – It’s not for everyone! ….. But I always say “if you don’t look you will never know !”

To reach your dreams and goals you need to develop many new skills, I’ll be honest (because that’s my best skill !) – I’m a very slow processor of information, I’m also not great at spelling (but I am getting better !) – When I had my accident my friends and family couldn’t believe how I reacted like I did …. even though I was smashed up I still managed to make a few telephone calls to my wife and ex-wife to explain what had happened !!!

Why is life better in flop flips ? – Well, I’ll tell you ….. One of my dreams was to have a place in the sun, so wearing flip flops whenever possible kept me believing in my dream, believe it or not, before my accident I couldn’t get on with flip flops ! But since smashing my feet up I have become very accustomed to wearing them – regular !  – When I first started in Network Marketing (one of the businesses I have) it was obvious I had to learn new skills to build an income, one of the first things that was mentioned was “What are your goals & dreams ?” – What did I want from my efforts ?

MONEY was important – But the first thing that came into my head was a place in the sun, I wanted somewhere I could just go and relax & wear shorts and flip flops. Then BOOOM reality kicks in ! – Work is required…. Yes, the four letter word W.O.R.K !

Don’t expect to become a millionaire within weeks of starting a new career or project…. whatever we do, takes time and effort – you don’t win the lottery if you don’t do it do you !

Anyway …. Why is life better in Flop Flips ?

Let me just say it this way …. I’ve changed the words around just like I’m changing my Life ! – There’s only one person who can change you …… and that’s YOU !

Flip Flops – Flop Flips …… Be yourself, but change, remember failure is just learning, never forget where you come from, enjoy life because one day it will stop, have fun, laugh, dream and inspire others to be unique in their own way !

My Live is better in Flop Flips …… How are you going to enjoy yours ?

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