Setting Goals & Dreams – No Matter What.

If you want your goals and dreams to become reality, then you have to move toward them with purpose. By nature, we always fear they are too far away.

Example : where we are right now (maybe you have just been made redundant – again !) and where we want to be (cash rich, debt free, financially secure !!)

Our belief in our dreams is essential…. we need to believe we will make them come true, NO MATTER WHAT !  distance between here and there no longer exists. To accomplish our dreams we need to make some goals so we feel our dreams are getting closer to us.

Some people attempt to attract their goals without taking much action. Others choose to act on their goals. I believe making your goals a reward for hitting targets you set yourself to reach (we are talking serious now…not silly targets like if I wash the car I will take two days off)

Realistic targets to make the reward more special ….

Example : You are a car sales person and you are not exactly the best ! – Maybe 5th out of 10…. Set yourself the target of being in the top 2 before rewarding yourself with something special (like a 4 day break away with someone special. I’m sure the bonuses from reaching such a position would at least double your salary.

When I talk about dreams, I am really talking about highly desirable goals, future happenings that we will make happen. For our purposes, a dream is something that we are willing to work toward, and are determined to make come true, just like a goal. (Hope this is making sense so far 😉


5 important elements of successful goal setting

thCAVSZPJPMindset.….. Your mindset and self-image need to change with regard to, and in conjunction with, your goals. If somewhere deep inside you don’t feel confident about your ability to succeed, that core belief will sabotage your efforts. To accomplish big goals you need to be able to truly identify with what it will be like to really be there. When you absolutely know deep down that it will happen, then your identity becomes tied up with that vision, and you are on the way.

Perspective…… You need to develop the ability to mentally shrink down the size of your challenges in your mind. Your internal view of how big or small the challenge is will have a direct influence on your confidence. Your brain can make any task look big and impossible, or it can make it seem totally doable.  It’s the same task but a completely different feeling. When your confidence is high, even a difficult challenge will seem fun and exhilarating.

Your view of obstacles….. When setbacks (issues) come up you need to view them not as walls or roadblocks, but as part of the growth process. You will meet unexpected challenges along the way, how you view them will determine whether you keep moving forward or abandon your goal. Make your mind up before hand and allow yourself to embrace the opportunity to solve any unforeseen setback (issue). Then your untapped abilities will surprise you when the time comes.

Desire….. Develop a burning passion for the results you are about to create. Fall in love with both the benefits and the process. Enjoy the feelings of accomplishment and the satisfaction of reaching your goal. Knowing the benefits of reaching a goal is not enough. Get your emotions involved so you will stay motivated and focused.

Commitment. ….Make an unbreakable commitment to see it through clear to the finish line – NO MATTER WHAT. That might be a huge commitment so it’s important to ask yourself before hand, “Do I really want it enough to make that kind of commitment?” You need to be sure before you start. If you pack-in half- way through, it will have a negative effect on your self-confidence and make things harder next time. If you see it through to success, your self-confidence will soar and it will be much easier the next time around.

That’s me done on this for now….. Till next time.

Have sweet and prosperous dreams


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