Have you ever been chugging along in your life, thinking things are fine and enjoying the comfort zone you’ve created, and then suddenly everything seems to be changing?

For various reasons people who have always been there decide to move far away, or businesses that you’ve frequented and enjoyed for years are closing. Long-standing friendships take on a new shape or end, and everything is suddenly different.

That’s been happening to many people this year, and it’s thrown a lot off course!

Part of it is the Covid pandemic and the way we’ve all had to modify how we function, and part of it is that everyone needs to live their own lives, and sometimes that flows into and sometimes it flows away from your life.

Whatever the reason, things are changing and what we used to be able to count on is no longer there.

Now the challenge is how to adapt to the new reality and figure out who you are as you navigate the new beginnings of your new lifestyle!

This is tricky, because you maybe still grieving the endings. However …. We can still adapt and create a new norm for ourselves. You should appreciate the time you had with the people and places that meant so much for so long and cherish the memories as you now focus on all the wonderful people and things that are still here.

I understand that endings are a loss, and when we experience a loss, we also experience the feelings associated with grief. I know when I feel sad, confused, angry, forgetful, depressed and lost, I’m right where I should be in the process of letting go and adapting to a new normality.

Have complete faith that your new norm will be as great as the old one was, and be excited to see what it will look like.

In the meantime, allow yourself to grieve for a bit, and continue finding the joy in all that is still here and yet to come!

Keep moving forward to your desired future lifestyle….. Choose your own destiny #JustKeepDreaming

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