Social Media Marketing – UK

Welcome to Morf Marketing

Can you answer YES to any of these 3 questions ?

Some of you may answer YES to all of them !

Some may answer No to all of them !

Do you spend more than £1,000 a year Marketing your Business ?

Do you Advertise your Business on Social Media ?

Do you attend Business Networking meetings ?

Over the years I have spent well over a thousand pound a year promoting & marketing my own ventures, I’ve also done the business networking meeting scene, taking many hours out of the day to socialise and network my opportunities and products…. costing much more than a financial investment, it was also a time investment ! – I have to be honest, I enjoyed the socialising side !

I’d heard a lot about advertising on social media so i looked into it and invested a few hundred quid, which didn’t last very long ! So after that, I decided to use social media to be sociable, because that’s what it’s for right !

This is why I decided to develop Morf Marketing ….  To help local businesses market their business on social media without breaking the bank and enjoy more time with family or to invest that time back into their business in other ways !

How would you like to pay well under £1,000 a year to have your business marketed on social media & free up a little more time to use in other ways ?

Over the years I’ve grown to love helping people in different ways, whether personally or in business. I always enjoy a relaxed way of working which involves having plenty of fun and enjoying family time.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m no answer to your prayers or your next million. But if you do get a million then your prayers will have been answered ! (So don’t forget about me !!) – All I’m looking to do is offer an opportunity to local business owners to access affordable marketing and advertisement space…. What I’m asking for is (other than your money !) is to be sociable on social media and share other local businesses, just like you would do with business networking meetings – but on Social Media & Morf Marketing !

You don’t need to be a techno wizard or a social media geek to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn just be polite and friendly, just like you would when doing business. Just be yourself  because everyone else is takenPLUS an original is worth more than a fake ! and enjoy a business experience from a different angle without all that hustle & bustle and having to be suited & booted (You can be suited and booted if you like !)

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