Head Boss !

There was once a servant who worked for his master from a very young age. Now an adult, the servant was becoming frustrated.

For most of his life, the servant obediently followed his master’s orders.

Now, however, the servant had reached a point where he realized that serving his master was causing him much unhappiness.

His master was never satisfied with anything that he did.

Nothing was ever good enough for his master……. he always wanted more and more.

Whenever the servant thought that he had performed his job well, his master would criticize him, express doubts, or judge him.

Many times his master would build him up with words of praise, only to knock him down with his verbal jabs.

There was one other strange thing about the relationship that he had with his master….. he never laid eyes on him.

His master stayed in his room and would never venture out.

All communication between servant and master was conducted through the master’s locked door.

One day, the servant decided that he needed to discuss his frustration with his master.

The servant gathered his nerves and boldly went to his master’s room.

He knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

The servant knocked a second time. Still, there was no answer.

The servant started to feel concerned. Perhaps something had happened to his master.

He reached for the doorknob and realized that the door was unlocked.

Never before had his master’s door been unlocked. Out of concern, the servant did the unthinkable: he opened the door.

The servant stood there in disbelief. The room was empty.

There was no furniture, no rugs, no wall hangings, and no master.

The servant came to a shocking realization that the master he had been serving all his life did not exist.




This parable of the servant and his master is to point to the relationship that most of us have with our minds. The servant symbolizes us while the master represents our minds. Like the servant, most of us live out our lives according to the orders that are given by our minds.

Our lives are often filled with thoughts of what we did wrong, what we should fear, who we should be angry with, or why we are not good enough.

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